During these challenging times, online therapy (or phone therapy) has become a critical component for millions of people around the world. Patients who normally have regularly scheduled appointments with their counselors are now turning to online therapy out of necessity to maintain proper care for their mental health.

With the Coronavirus running rampant across the US and around the world, governmental leaders (state, local and federal) are doing their best to flatten the curve by issuing business closures and shelter at home orders. And while their intentions are sincere… and perhaps even helping – the financial, mental and emotional toll it has taken on 9 out of 10 Americans is undeniable. Online therapy is one of the most effective ways for people to speak to a licensed counselor and to work through their feelings as the world around them is changing.

The online publisher of medical information, WebMD, states that the COVID-19 crisis may help trigger addiction relapse in many people. The feelings of stress, isolation and fear may drive people struggling with addiction to relapse back into substance abuse.  People who have lost connection to their support systems, programs and relationships that help them remain sober may fall prey to the temptation to self-medicate their feelings of anxiety.

And this is where online therapy really shines. Therapy doesn’t have to slow down or even stop just because counseling offices are temporarily closed. In fact, people around the world are getting online therapy from their counselors in record numbers. Tele-mental health calls are skyrocketing as both patients and their counselors are pivoting to handle the increased need for online therapy.

Here at Empathy Counseling, we have an established infrastructure to provide online therapy for our clients. Scheduling is as simple as it’s always been, and because our services are currently being offered remotely via the phone or Internet, we haven’t skipped a beat as we serve our community with professionalism and care.

If you, or someone you know and love needs to speak to someone, we are ready to help. Simply call us at 303-807-7397 and schedule an appointment. You may also contact us online, and we will gladly offer our online therapy services.